Ceramic Pro DC consists of highly-trained, skilled technicians who know everything there is to know about detailing, paint correction and paint protection, inside and out. Our locations have received many awards over the years, as well as glowing reviews from our customers:

Review from Nick M.

"Last year I purchased the ceramic pro gold package including paint prep to remove some swirl marks from I assume the detailing at the dealership. These folks are super professional, they walk you through what needs to be done and why... I love how the water just rolls off the car when it rains and how easy it is to keep clean... I’ll definitely be back for a periodic maintenance detail because it comes out looking like new."

Review from Damon W.

"I use them often and most recently had them put Ceramic Pro on my 2013 Porsche Cayenne. They did an amazing job and I was thrilled with the outcome! My 2013 Cayenne looks like it is right off the showroom floor! I highly recommend them for the quality, thorough work they perform. You can also trust their knowledgeable staff to work on high end vehicles."


Review from David C.

"GREAT customer service, my Q50 looked amazing after the ceramic coating. Very happy with my experience and I'm planning to bring in my QX80."

Review from Tamara W.

"I gave my less-than-a-year-old SUV a ceramic clear coat, as I want to preserve the paint job as long as possible. They did a PHENOMENAL job with the ceramic clear coat. My car glistens better than it did when I pulled it off of the lot! The actual feel of the coat is very smooth and I can tell a HUGE difference in the appearance and how it reacts with water. The process takes 3-5 days (due to curing, etc.), but it so worth it. My car is VERY easy to wash. Rain just rolls off of it with very little spots (same for my windshield). Rob and his team are amazing. They picked the car up and dropped me back off where I needed to go. This place is is the BEST hand wash for a vehicle I've had (next to doing it myself). Great attention to detail. My car looks spanking new and no lingering strong cleaner/chemical smells, afterwards. They go over your entire car with bright lights, before and after. The interior cleaning was amazing. They got dirt and grit out of places that I thought couldn't be removed without taking out the seat (LOL)... I am a loyal returning customer!"